lunes, 2 de junio de 2014

The ingredients you'll need are: 1. Clay, it is possible to use french rhassoul mud, green clay or bentonite clay. 2. Apple cider vinegar, use three or two tbs if you've got especially greasy skin, and less is often dry. 3. Strawberries, five or four 4. 2 tbs lemon juice, Combine all the ingredients in blender or a bowl, it is possible to add some argan oil. This is a plant and farmed exclusively by berber girls, attempt to get organic, cold pressed argan oil, as this has the best parts still complete. Leave mask then rinse with warm water. It's possible for you to apply your moisturizer that is normal . Don't be alarmed if your skin turns pink, it is a result of the exfoliation of skin cells that are dead due to the hydroxy acids within the fruit. Please do a patch test and examine for any sensitivity. This anti- acne and aging mask is great as you tailor it for your needs and can correct amounts of any components. Lastly, remember to use a sunblock daily next acne mask.

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